Accounting Services

  • Verification and scrutiny of invoices for their authenticity
  • Periodic monitoring of salary advances provided to the employees
  • Verification and processing of various reimbursements made to the employees in
  • Making the data entry and maintenance of the updated books of account in accordance with the statutory provisions
  • Periodic review and scrutiny in respect of the correctness of the books of account
  • Advice on the funds requirements
  • Liaison with the Bankers for timely statements and advises, follow-up with respect to remittances and disbursements
  • Reconciliation of the Bank Statement with the books of account and eradication of the Suspense Accounts, if any
  • Reconciliation of the accounts of various vendors, suppliers and / or other parties on a regular basis
  • Preparation of monthly Management Information System (MIS) Reports in the prescribed format
  • Preparation of the Trial Balance and the Annual Accounts at the end of the Financial Year
  • Preparation of the various details required for Statutory Audit
  • Co-ordination with the Statutory Auditors for the timely finalization of the Audit
  • Maintenance of Fixed Assets Register
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